Getting design done should be simple

Start a project today and get the first designs tomorrow. We'll take care of everything in between.

Get a fixed monthly rate for all your design needs.

We've simplified the design process
so you get results faster.
No more hiring
No more negotiations
No more email chains
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Design doesn't have to be hard - we make it easy

Working with unreliable freelancer marketplaces is time-consuming and risky. Design agencies are slow-moving, impersonal and expensive.

Think of us as your virtual design team

We offer a truly elastic design service.  We get to understand you, your brand, and your business, and deliver designs which are 100% right for you.

The all-in-one solution for your business

Hiring conventionally only gets you one person for your project.  With us you get a full team with experts from different fields at your fingertips.
Save time
Delegate your project in 5 minutes, regardless of what it is.
Save money
Save 30% on typical agency costs or in-house designers.
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Fully-managed, we take care of everything so you can focus on other things.

Full-stack marketing design from digital to print

example of hero section in different breakpoints
Digital ads and social media
Illustrations and Infographics
piles of visit cards
Print and packaging
phone and laptop mockups
Landing pages
Web design
Web development

How it works?

Simple but effective. Get your designs in 3 simple steps.
/ 1.
Send us the brief for design request online
/ 2.
Manage and proof your designs simply online
/ 3.
Submit revisions until you're happy

Tenscope helped us on several projects from logo design to posters for the office. In all cases they delivered terrific designs, were a pleasure to deal with, and were always highly dependable. I have continued and will continue to work with them for these reasons.

Eli Portnoy
CEO, Sense360